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Human Rights cannot be achieved without peace. Peace cannot be achieved without care for the Environment.


All of the above, as I see it,  are mutually exclusive.


Would you care to ponder with me for a moment and examine EOTO World's "Green Clause"? I'm interested in expanding the realistic reach of just people, organizations, communities, even governments and nations thinking, and DOing the movement for a greener life.


Please read here.


For convenience, here is the actual clause as outlined in our posting (the link above):


I agree to be held by the standards of EOTO World’s commitment to being conscientious of the environment during my tenure with the organization. I commit to reasonably reducing personal and organizational waste by partaking in such actions as:
·      Using online resources to store, transmit and edit data as a primary source to exchange information rather than using inordinate amounts of paper;
·      Use recycled paper when paper is necessary;
·      Use re-useable material. Such materials can include re-useable canisters for water, rags to wipe things off instead of paper towels and napkins, recycled toilet paper and using double side printing to not waste both sides of recycled paper used;
·      Promote green use and reduction of one’s carbon foot-print by submitting occasional blog posts for the organization’s project SPEAK that chronicles the journey of living Green while with EOTO World


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Dear Elischia,


Thanks for raising this very important issue. One issue which is constantly coming up when I facilitate community life competence approach with communities is concern for climate change and environment. Communities when asked about the dream for their community often speak of a clean, green earth. What is a pleasant surprise is that its not urban big cities where we find this. In a tiny fishing village in Kumta, communities take care of the turtles and in Aizwal India the community took charge of disposing garbage and did not wait for government to take action. Very inspiring experiences!


I remember in a quaint little community in Northeast India a youth group said that they would like to encourage planting more trees, ban use of plastic bags and several other dreams to the environment. I even have the photo which I have dug out to share with you, the young team presenting their dream. So, if we stimulate communities, community members can easily achieve the issues outlined by you. Here is the photo. I will post some of the photos from the event thanks to your reminder:-)


In our community Gaetane Gilliot has been mobilising her friends in Belgium on environmental issues. You can exchange experiences withe her.



What an inspiration! I agree, we do not have to wait for governments to take action to treat our Earth better!


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