Guyana Community Life Competence is looking at Monitoring and Reporting tools. Does anyone of you have tools or templates that you use and that you can share with us which will help us ensure that we capture all necessary information to make our work better. GCLC is a group of Guyanese facilitators who work with communities and are looking to enhance our way of working to spread CLC through Guyana and the Caribbean.

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Hi Michael

What exactly is the general thematic activities that requires monitoring and reporting? is this a field work, community facilitation, coordination, advocacy, outreach, BCC, peer education, learning facilitation?



Hi Michael, response from Pankaj, Oxfam, India on email. He is also a member on Ning


Hi Rituu,

Apologies for the delay - A good place to start for M & R Tools is the IFAD manual on M & E -
specifically the link below:

Hope this helps!

My advice would be to never lead with tools or forms that are "off the shelf" from another organization's programs. I encourage you to develop them specifically based on GCLC's needs. You might also be interested in this presentation on "de-mystifying" M&E:

Thank you all for sharing. We just needed an idea of what people were already using, in the end we will develop them specifically for GLCP and will also share those that others can learn from as well. I appreciate the feedback. cheers

Hi Michael. Great question! Did you know we have a Drop-Box full of evaluations, proposal templates, summaries of our way of working and powerpoint presentations? I want to share this stuff with you!!! Like Jennifer says, it needs to be tailored - so you can use these as a base and adapt them. 

There's a lot there, so perhaps we can have a conversation so I can better understand what you need.

Anyone else looking for "equipment" to carry out transfer, implement partnerships etc... please don't hesitate to ask the GST Facilitators - Marlou, Rituu, Phil and myself, and Sirinate. 

Let's keep the conversation going.



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