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Dear Members of youth competence group,


Greetings from Delhi!


Our group member Korey from Guyana suggested that we should have a picture or logo for youth competence group. What do you think?


Suggestions for logo are welcome! Anyone would like to design it?




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Yes, i think its a great idea to denote our group through a unique logo reflecting our motive and goal. 

Thanks Tek. would you have any suggestions. Warm greetings from Delhi!

great idea!!!!

Thanks Verve for your response. Any ideas for the logo? Thanks!

Thanks for this beautiful logo Vickens. I loved the idea of the globe. would you like to add the word 'youth' in the logo? thanks!

Ok , I will.

gifted!  good  idea! very nice!

Thanks to Vickens. Is nice with the idea of Globe. I suggest that, you just put "Youth Competence" in the bottom of CLC.


Jeanne d'Arc

Nice idea.  we need to have a logo that will really reflect our mission, vision etc.

Zenita Nicholson, can you help us in the logo?


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