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Life after the Global Fund - Local responses?

Dear friends, the board of the Global Fund met this week with some drastic conclusions. Some conclusions: 


- No Round 11 until 2014 or likely 2016 (although many have been preparing for submission for next month)
- Phase 2 of earlier rounds not certain and will be very competitive. It has implications for ALL earlier rounds that are ongoing including 8,9 and 10. 
- Round 10 payments likely postponed with 1 year, even though many have started last month implementing and hiring people. 
It seem the financial health bubble is bursting. Bilateral aid is dropping drastically for example in the Netherlands. We all know what is happening in the UN. Large NGOs face severe budget cuts.
What does this tell us? How can we build upon our strengths and see this as an opportunity? I welcome your thoughts.  

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Incroyable d'en arriver là et condamnable pour non assistance à personne en danger

Difficile de trouver une solution pour les round déjà accordés ce n'est pas du jour au lendemain que l'on peut trouver l'argent pour des traitements.

Il faudrait que tous les responsables se mettent ensemble avec l'approche  SALT pour essayer de trouver une solution pour l'offre de services et que la base continue le processus comme il a commencé en RDC.

Le problème c'est aussi le coût de la mise en route de notre approche et de son suivi.


Dear Gaston,

This seems a challenge that have no ready solutions. This is especially so for countries that have been relying for years on external financial aid. I think one of the major gaps that has been greatly ignored was buidling strength is sustaining programmes. Maybe we have been playing possum or ostrich (hoping that the problem if ignored long enough will just go away). The fantastic think about AIDS Competence though, is its ability to fit any solution. Maybe what countries, like mine need, is AIDS Competence - as we all know there is power in local response. We can do it! I guess everyone knows that. What we need is a strong enough stimulant to do it.

As morose as the GB situation is, maybe this is our call to action.


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