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Was I stumbled ate the question? No! Truth is , I have never given thought to this question. I am confident about what I do and I trust this Way of Thinking and Working: SALT with the process ..Community Life Competence. I am also confident that if facilitated effectively, communities will take ownership and responsible for what they can do together with inherent strengths. I focus on being human and being that facilitator that stimulate community conversation around local response with optimum results in sight. That the community is satisfied with what was happening for them. Over seven years, those two strengths, confidence and trust led to the type of experiences we learn from and continue to do so. I look for opportunities for doing EVEN better or differently in my opinion is what is commonly known as M&E and / or taking risks / uncertainties into consideration (^_^). My first response to the question was in harmony with the aforementioned. But i did say letting go of being the expert with answers and solutions. Time did not permit me asking back the question which is what I would do with communities when some questions are posed (^_^).

In my reflective mode..i thought of letting go again....of course being the expert keeps coming back and I also thought of letting go of being judgemental as well as letting go of coming with pre-conceived ideas. What I encourage is being open-minded.

What are your thoughts?

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Hi Autry,

Your posting reminded of something I read recently. 


Because they understand:

“It is a misuse of our power to take responsibility for solving problems that belong to others.”

—Stewardship by Peter Block

Original posting


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