Hello all, greetings from Jakarta. After our visit to papua and exposures to local SALT team... we found we already started applying SALt in our day to day life, the experience of SALT is phenomenal .... we could not just stop there and wait to share with colleagues back at work. So we arranged a Learning Afternoon at our office for colleagues.

My questions to you all.....how do i measure me that 'SALT is my way of thinking' ...is it that i always speak positively and nurture the wholesome seeds in others? even in strong dis agreement how i keep calm and get positive?
people say ...oh i heard about that participatory process but what is the difference ?? How we present the SALT, not only as AIDS Competence but also as Life Competence....

I will write more once i see you all writing too.....

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Dear All,
Thanks for your insights. I am greatful and seeing I am not alone.
Your experiences, learnings are helping us.
today I went to visit a hot spot as they named it , where transvesties hang out. Met 13 of them. They live in outskirts of Jakarta ...a place more than a slum, they hung a wodden bench near a big canal ( which carries all dirty water of Jakarta), there was no grass or mud even in the ground ....it is full of garbage (i mean the garbage from the city had been dumped there some time ago to build the ground there). .....yet with all these people were happy there, smiling, talikg about their love life......it was so beautiful to see and share our experiences together. The transvesties had no place to live, one kind person has provided them a place...near the canal, where they share their pride, joy and challenges with each other!

Hi Rebeka:

I've attached a quarterly report from 2007 on SALT - it has some great stories and examples of applying SALT in all that you do.




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