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Does Salt Continue After The Formal Support Comes To An End? (French at the end)

External evaluations have shown impact of the SALT approach by Constellation Coaches reduces stigma and discrimination, promote greater reflection and strong sense of community ownership increase quality of life through community-led initiatives.  The approach meets local needs and promotes a sustainable response while being cost effective, and it can be implemented with existing interventions and be used for research, monitoring and evaluation.

We often hear from facilitators as well as communities members where we had formally introduced SALT many years ago that the practise of SALT has continued through community members, with or without the support of Constellation facilitators. Moreover, communities have not only transferred to other communities but also to new emerging issues. We have learned that when communities own the issue, they respond to it. When they become centre of the response, the communities become self-reliant and continue to act beyond the project.

Most of these learnings have mainly come to light through Ning posts, testimonies and stories. Beyond these contributions, we are now looking for facts and data that will help the GST and research partners to document (i) sustainability of the results achieved by the Constellation intervention with the SALT approach and (ii)  sustainability of the practice of SALT in the community, in other communities around or to another issue.

In that regard, we are writing to all of you to seek your inputs on your long-term experience in facilitation of SALT :

  1. When were you introduced to SALT?  For which issue did you use it ?

  2. Do you still use SALT in your life, your work,in your community or another one ?

  3. Why do you still use it ?

  4. How do you use SALT now ? Have you introduced it to other issues ? Have you encouraged others to use SALT ? Have these organisations/communities begun to use SALT ?

  5. Would you have documents, reports, data that could be used to assess the impact of SALT/CLCP on the life of people
  6. What has stopped you from using SALT ?


Question: Est-ce que SALT Continue après l’arrêt d’un  appui formel?

Les évaluations externes ont montré l'impact de l'approche SALT facilitée par les facilitateurs de la Constellation réduit la stigmatisation et la discrimination, promeut une plus grande réflexion et un fort sentiment d'appartenance communautaire,  augmente la qualité de vie grâce à des initiatives communautaires. L'approche répond aux besoins locaux et favorise une réponse durable tout en étant rentable, et elle peut être mis en œuvre avec les interventions existantes et être utilisée pour la recherche, le suivi et l'évaluation.

Nous entendons souvent des animateurs ainsi que les membres des communautés où nous avions formellement introduits SALT il y a de nombreuses années que la pratique du SALT a continué à travers les membres de la communauté, avec ou sans le soutien des facilitateurs de la Constellation. De plus, les communautés ont non seulement transféré à d'autres communautés, mais aussi sur de nouveaux défis. Nous avons appris que lorsque les communautés s’approprient un défi, elles y répondent. Quand elles deviennent le centre de la réponse, les communautés deviennent autonomes et continuent d'agir au-delà du projet.

La plupart de ces enseignements ont surtout été mis en lumière par des messages, des témoignages et des histoires sur la plate-forme Ning. Au-delà de ces contributions, nous sommes maintenant à la recherche de faits et de données qui aideront l’EMS et les partenaires de recherche à documenter (i) la durabilité des résultats obtenus par l'intervention Constellation avec l'approche SALT et (ii) la durabilité de la pratique de SALT dans le communauté, dans d'autres communautés autour ou sur un autre défi.

À cet égard, nous recherchons vos contributions à propos de votre expérience sur le long-terme en matière de facilitation du SALT:

  1. Lorsque vous avez été formé au SALT? Pour quel défi l’avez-vous utilisé?

  2. Utilisez-vous encore SALT dans votre vie, votre travail, dans votre communauté ou une autre?

  3. Pourquoi l’utilisez-vous encore?

  4. Comment utilisez-vous SALT maintenant? Avez-vous abordé d'autres défis? Avez-vous encouragé les autres à utiliser SALT? Ces organisations / communautés ont-elles commencé à utiliser SALT?

  5. Qu'est-ce qui vous a fait arrêter d'utiliser SALT?

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# Does Salt Continue After The Formal Support/funding Comes To An End?

▶ SALT is the key to Sustainable program even after funding ends. We need to make ourselves that SALT is really in us. A friend of mine ask me if I have got a permanent Job(Govt.Job)? I replied, If you are permanent everything you do will be permanent. It depends on you. SALT is effective and successful where there is no funding. If SALT is facilitated well in the community, the community themselves respond to their issues, when they realise the issues are their issues not of the funders, the works goes on even when funding stop.

When were you introduced to SALT?  For which issue did you use it ?

▶ I was exposed to SALT in 2003. Adressing community issues.

✳Do you still use SALT in your life, your work,in your community or another one ?
▶SALT is a part of my life,if you have it in you,everything you involve become reasonable and automatically people notice it before you do.

✳Why do you still use it ?
▶SALT It is an ongoing process,have no ending,it applies to your day go day life.

✳How do you use SALT now ? Have you introduced it to other issues ? Have you encouraged others to use SALT ? Have these organisations/communities begun to use SALT ?
▶I use SALT when I finds things which is new to me. This is the way I introduce to other issues. People find it helpful.

✳What has stopped you from using SALT ?
▶ If you know what is SALT if it is a part of you nothing will stop you from doing and using the process.

Good Luck


Hi Joma;

Thank you for your response. 

I would like to know if you have been involved in formal project using SALT/CLCP and if so, would you have documents, reports, data that could be used to assess the impact of SALT/CLCP on the life of people. 

Same question for on-going activities that follow the end of formal project.

Thank you in advance.


I am Nary from Cambodia

  • I was introduced to SALT since 2009 for HIV/AIDs issue.
  • I practicing SALT in a part of my professional work in communities and my life.
  • Yes, I do
  • I have mainstreaming SALT into my psychology group, I use SALT in a part of Counseling to looking for strength of my client not only listen to their problem.  I have introduced SALT to my college and other staffs who are working with children.
  • I did not take note or have any document about this for assessing the impact because it not including to my report.

Best regards



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