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Dutch Competence: Changing the World May Seem Difficult, but it Begins with One Person

From the Constellation 2016 Report, p. 36.

En français dans le rapport 2016, p. 36.

Support team: Dutch…


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Impact Assessment of the SALT Approach

From the Constellation 2016 Report, p. 29.

En français dans le rapport 2016, p. 29.




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Appreciative Inquiry for Total Quality Management in Hospital


It was immense pleasure when I got the call from Mr. Sudhir Thakur the executive director of Eastern Region Eye Care Center (EREC). Hello Mr. RC, I am Sudhir Thakur from EREC Birtatnagar, do you remember ? we met in Dhulikhel in CBM training on Proposal Writing and Fund raising. Oh yes…


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Ilkley community response to learning disability- "Sowing the seeds, then let them flower"

Local response- in the Constellation we define a local response (am citing Philip Forth from our blended learning programme)- A community can take action to deal with a challenge that it faces. These actions form a 'Local Response'. They contrast with a solution imposed on a community by experts from outside the community.Last week, Phil took us for a SALT visit in his town Ilkely. Here is what I observed on the local response. 

15th May 2017…Rainy morning…


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Self determination in development

At Palestine's community foundation, which I co-founded, we innovated a process called, "Community-controlled grantmaking." We believed that funding belonged to the community already, so since we weren't donors (it wasn't our money), our job was only to ensure a process that was transparent, democratic and accountable. The decision about how to use funds belonged to the community for which they were intended. So they voted (there's a process here) and monitored the grants and the grantees…


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The Beautiful Beginnings of a SALT Journey in Eghezée-Fernelmont— A G100 #2

A rainy spring morning in a small village in Wallonia (Belgium), but the faces greeting us were bright and shiny.  The sun came from a different place.

And it kept shining throughout the day as we, a team of 8 Belcompetence facilitators, accompanied about 40 citizens (aged 15-70+) hailing from different surrounding villages for a whole weekend of SALT.…


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A question for Usa

A reflection on Chapter 5 of our shared dream

“Orgasm is not a crime”

“Whenever I am about to fall into the trap of judging people, opening the floodgates of anger, I often think of what Usa told me that day, ‘Keep appreciating strengths. What else is there?’ “

I have often thought of the advice of Usa, “Keep appreciating strengths. What else is there?” Well, what else is there? Is Usa saying that…


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Revisiting Our Family Dream

It was Easter Monday March 28th 2016 exactly 5 years 5months after my family and I did Our Family Dream.

We were, all, gathered to celebrate the Easter holiday enjoying some good food and quality time while the little ones played. I took this perfect opportunity to surprise them with this little activity where we revisit our Family Dream to assess ourselves on Where We Are and I was excited for the outcome.

I started off with an ice…


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A Bruxelles, des jeunes rêvent et commencent à agir - comment les soutenir?

Ce 12 mars passé, nous étions réunis dans un charmant local de la Rue du Sceptre à Ixelles non loin de chez Liza, facilitatrice de Belcompetence.

Nous ? Un petit groupe de jeunes ayant participé des Ateliers de la Lettre à l’Humanité l’année passée et qui sont habités depuis par un élan de vie et d’en-vies de bouger, de créer des opportunités de rencontres, d’échanges et d’apprentissage mutuel au sein de…


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Two pinches of SALT for a holistic approach to literacy classes in Mauritius

It has been almost two months now since I have been working as a trainer for youngsters wishing to work in hotels in Mauritius. Youngsters between the age of 16 to 25 who are mostly from vulnerable groups and poverty pockets and who sadly have been out of mainstream education system a bit too early. So far, my experiences as an educator/trainer have been limited to doing creative workshops and facilitating for A.B.A (Applied Behavior Analysis) which is one of the approaches contributing to…


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Leader should be like an inverted pyramid who holds the space for the team to thrive

This blog describes what the visiting team learned from SALT visit to appreciate SAATHI community centre of Institute of Social Studies Trust, Delhi and the response of the host community to the SALT visit. Blog has been jointly compiled with Markus and Amita and inputs from Sudipta and Ragini. There is a short After Experience Reflection by the SALT team.…


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Our collective harvest

10 am on 31st March..Insitute of Social Studies Trust office, Delhi

About 20 of us from different backgrounds and profiles ( medical doctors, researchers, evaluators, managers, implementing agency staff, librariarn, accountant, private sector consultant, development sector consultant, etc!) met  for Jean Louis Lamboray’s book presentation. This was followed by some deep discussions. Here is what we harvested together. I have the privilege to post it. …


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Things keep on getting better

A reflection on Chapter 4 of our shared dream

“No learning unless you act.”

Here is a short extract from Chapter 4 of ‘What makes us human?’

 “To reassure themselves about the superiority of their way of life, Westerners are content to accept negative representation of poorer countries by their media.”

I want to give a different perspective to Jean-Louis here.

If Westerners are prepared to accept a negative…


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FRANCE : Le développement du rêve commun par une pratique artistique

Je m'appelle Lysiane.

J'ai 31 ans et j'habite à Briançon (Alpes, France).

J'ai eu la chance d'être formée à l'approche du CLCP en 2016 par le programme Triade (avec Luc et Laurie) et me voici facilitatrice apprenante.

J'accompagne un groupe de personnes qui font partie d'une SCOP (Société Coopérative et Participative) qui gère un magasin de produits biologiques.

Nous nous sommes vus sur trois sessions de 2H à 2H30 depuis Novembre 2016. Les deux premières sessions…


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Mon retour post-échange Skype (1) de ce vendredi 7 avril 2017: Perspective de soutien des équipes locales de facilitation

Participants: Laurie Khorchi, Sirinate Piyajitpirat, Sandrine Lo Hun et Jean Baby Fulama.

Questions/Réponses :

1 - En tant que membre d'une équipe d'animation locale, quels sont vos souhaits et aspirations de ce réseau?

 R/ Qu'il soit progressivement mis en place des réseaux locaux d'échange permettant un contact direct et soutenu entre acteurs/Facilitateurs de différents horizons en vue d’un partage mutuel de…


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The executives of the rural commune of Diécké welcomed the SALT visit on the 25th of March, 2017


With a view to learning from the good contribution of the Mayor and his staff for the proper use of Health Services.

The story from the meeting:

The Mayor and his executives have repeatedly said that they consider all the health structures of the commune as their properties. This is the reason why they take part in all meetings related to health and they are sometimes present at the monthly or quarterly meetings of the sub-prefectural and prefectural…


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Visite SALT chez Mr le Maire et son staff à la commune rurale de Diécké, dans la préfecture de yomou en Guinée

Les cadres de la commune rurale  de Diécké ont accueilli la visite SALT le 25 Mars 2017

Dans l’optique d’apprendre de la bonne contribution de Monsieur le Maire et de son staff  pour ce qui est de la bonne utilisation des services de santé.

La petite histoire tirée de la rencontre :

Monsieur le Maire et ses cadres n’ont cessé de dire à plusieurs reprises, qu’ils considèrent toutes les structures de santé qui sont dans leur commune comme leurs propriétés.…


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SALT and the Unexpected

When Arthur and Edward from Health Nest Uganda (HENU) picked me up at my hotel the day after our SALT visit to Katabi (see Ubuntu on the bus) they had exciting news. Both had independently started their day with the yoga exercises I had shared with the Katabi group! This was so encouraging that we repeated these exercises during the next…


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Regional Confidence Project Post-Ebola Epidemic

From the Constellation 2016 Report, p. 28.

En français dans le rapport 2016, p. 28.

Country: Guinea and…


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Communities Acting Together to Control HIV (CATCH) in 2016

From the Constellation 2016 Report, p. 16.

En français dans le rapport 2016, p. 16.



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