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Self-assessment in large groups

Dear community, some time ago I posted my ideas about facilitating CLCP in really large groups. These were some of my experiences which might be helpful if you face that challenge: 

If you have 200 participants, I would aim to get at least 5 facilitators. 10 is even better.

- Brief well together the day before the event with these people. Prepare the room for both plenary (in a circle) as well as 5 or more groups with sufficient A4 paper, markers, flipchart…


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Just Love

Dear Constellation Friends



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Community designs its own reminder

In current times, we use technology to remind us - our phones, google calendar and so on. In our project on immunization in Assam in a tiny village, people wanted to remember the date of next vaccination schedule of their babies. What did they do? Read on...

In Village Silamahikhati (Kamrup Rural) where facilitator VHAA- Deepak Nath…


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A SALTy dance between personal and collective

On Sunday, December 3, a dozen of participants gathered for a special exploration day. Laurie, Célicia and Nathalie had drafted an invitation to slow down and to turn our attention inwards. To go and meet our deep 'self', the one radiating our being regardless of roles or…


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Entre approches communautaire et personnelle: une joyeuse danse!

Ce dimanche 3 décembre, nous étions une douzaine à nous retrouver

Laurie, Célicia et moi, nous avions formulé une invitation à tourner le regard vers soi-même, à aller à la rencontre du…

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Bien vivre à l'école/SALT with children

Vivre le SALT/PCCV avec des enfants.

(English version at the bottom) …


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Open Space Note: Global Learning Festival Uganda October 2017

Open space notes: Global Learning Festival Uganda October 2017

Session facilitators: Anita Sheehan (Belgium) and Izzaty (Singapore

Translation from French into English courtesy Anita 



How to apply SALT in situations of emergency with…


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Towards Elimination of Hepatitis C in Pakistan - "Moving Beyong the Pill"

Greeting from Karachi,

I am delighted to share with you this poster that was displayed in World Hepatitis Summit this November. It highlights need for strengthening social arm through SALT approach in order to achieve goal of elimination by 2030.…


Added by Sabeen Shah on November 24, 2017 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Every Child a V.I.P.!!!

Every Child a V.I.P.!

Every school has them: students who know and care about the digital world. Smart schools know how best to use these students. For example, by inviting them to form an IT “help desk” for the school and teachers.


 In my daily work as an educational consultant and…


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What do we have in common?

What do we have in common?

Before we (Nemo-group: Noemí, Amir, Birgitta and Margot) made our first SALT-visit we talked about what we would have in common with the people we were going to meet.

For me that is a very important ‘exercise’, because it takes me out of my head and brings me into my heart and feelings.

I like to share my experience about using the exercise ‘What do I have in common with’ in my everyday…


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Le Burundi est un pays en voie de développement. Dans notre pays beaucoup de jeunesont terminé leurs études mais vivent toujoursen situation de chômage ; il y en a ceux qui ont abandonnél’école…


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A Journey of Joy: Story of Beatrice

Though Beatrice hails from Namisindwa District in the Eastern Region of Uganda, she is working and living presently at Masaka, in Central Uganda. Beatrice is a social worker working for the older persons in the organization called: Support the Elderly Persons (STEP), Uganda. 

Why Older…


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Why do we sit in a circle?

'Why do we sit in a circle' was one of the first questions I was pondering and writing about after starting the SALT-course. In fact, there were more questions: 'How does hierarchy impact meetings?', 'How do rank differences show up in meetings?', 'What does a non-hierarchical setting means?', 'How do you create a non-hierarchical setting?', 'What will sitting in a circle do?'. These are my answers, based on my experiences in private and business situations. 

When hierarchy is…


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Maluku Competence, local support team

Hi all,

I very much like to share 'salty' information and knowledge from Maluku Competence, local support team. Most of it is not especially related to aids. Commununication throughout this aids link therefore seems not appropriate. So I invite you to follow our Facebook page 'Maluku Competence'. Happy to listen, share and learn together with you :-)

I now work almost for three years, using Salt/clcp as second nature, dis before working as a nurse and manager in a mental… Continue

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What is so special about story telling?

Yesterday we did an exercise on story telling in a meeting with an informal network of former refugees that are building a future in the Netherlands. In fact, it is a loose network in the process of becoming a community, so we thought it would be a good idea to find a way where the members of this group get a chance to get to know each other better in a safe way, and also to get to know each other's strengths. 

Recognising your own strengths, helps you climb mountains and overcome…


Added by Birgitta Schomaker on November 5, 2017 at 10:00pm — 5 Comments

Traditional leaders & bottoms up approach for effective HIV response

I am a traditional leader Khudiring ward (population about 1000) in village Taung, South east district in Botswana. 

In 2012, National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)*, called a meeting of key stakeholders in Francistown. NACA said that the government has been trying to end HIV but it is going in circles and…


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“Let us start with Love. Everything else will follow”

The above words were spoken by Namara Arthur Araali, the founder and Director of Health Nest Uganda (HENU).

What follows is the story of an extraordinary man who has accomplished extraordinary things.

The story of Namara Arthur Araali, now 48, probably began with his childhood, more specifically…


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Global Learning Festival Newsletter : Four

(newsletter co-created with participants of GLF)

Joram Tibasiimwa, the Chairman National Council for Older Persons

You (delegates) must…


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You are not poor, it is your mindset which is poor

This is a story of older women who felt helpless and were looking for support from their own children as well as the government. Read what happened when there is a shift from this deficit-based attitude.



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