I met Mr Jean-Louis Lamboray during a function conducted in my college while I was learning Master of Social Work. As you all know there are a lot of eminent people visited my college and I attended several programmes.

Unlike anybody Mr Jean-Louis Lamboray introduced himself and told us " Did you understand anything after I told you who I am ?" this one comment made an impact all over the room . Then he talked about professionalism and human beings . Seriously that day I started to study the book and practices shared in this website.

I joined in a NGO which is working for tribal development before the completion of my course. unfortunately due to some  reasons our exam postponed so I had to quit my job which require my full attention along with the group. While I was away the employees and beneficiary  group conducted meetings and did things properly. It would have been never happened if I hold my leading position to myself only. Definitely people know everything all we have to do is listen.

Right now as a  Fresh post graduate I was invited to conduct training session for kids to learn English. A job which pay less than former job. to tell the truth it is a part time job. My teachers are advising me to quit the job and join any NGO because I am drifting away from my field. With kids it is an entirely different thing. All I have to do is give some exercises. to make learning  as a game. Always group trains the the members better than us. To win the game, all the members participate actively. Rather than spoon feeding and teach them All I have to listen what they have to say.

For example to teach them public speaking . I ask my kids to form groups. Forming group done through a game. Then ask them to prepare a small talk about any topic they like. And read it aloud in the class. All the members contribute something. May be a word or an idea . If a student have an ideas he shares in his language . Then another member who knows English language translate it to English . so they actively participate. If they complete the task always end each group presentation with an applaud and congratulating comments.

Then I ask them how can you improve your speech ? and ask the class which presentation was good and why ? from the group itself there speech models evolve. Then only I will hand out some examples of speech or showing famous speeches. This is enough to bring the whole creativity and handwork to bring forth . I do not want to teach them  team will teach themselves. learning for us is a game not a herculean task . if you fail you are doomed situation! And there are no homeworks.

I believe in my kids teaching capacity.

 What SALT approach did to me is simple. Happiness is not outside it is inside. All we have to do is believe in others human capacity .

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A simple yet powerful way of incorporating SALT in teaching. Thank you for posting

It is an honor to be the SALT team

"I believe in my kids teaching capacity...."

 I will remember that. 

Thank you . I am really flattered.


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